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Many of us are aware that it is not always easy to get out to enjoy a night of fun at a casino. So it is a good thing betfair brings all the fun and excitement of a casino home. Betfair is an accomplish online gaming company. Betfair’s headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom and it is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. Betfair is a professional and established online gaming company that meets all of one’s gaming needs.

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In fact it is so exciting and convenient that perhaps leaving the house no longer sounds as appealing as it once did. So get comfortable on that sofa and get ready to explore the many exciting options betfair has to offer.

Betfair offers many exclusives slot games. These slot games include but are not limited to: Ghostbusters, Star Trek and Mustang Money. The slot games also include 5-10 lines, 15-20 lines and 25+ lines.

There are numerous game tables. Betfair offers Blackjack, Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, Six Card Poker and many more. Put on a poker face, well that’s not actually required online, so just sit back and enjoy the thrill of a poker table from the comfort of home.

If the excitement of having a casino available at one’s fingertip in one’s own home is not enough, well betfair throws in some unique promotional offers to step the excitement up. Of course the most important promotional offer to look at is the sign up bonus. Just by signing up individuals are offered a free $10 just for joining.

Then to further show appreciation to their customers, betfair offers a free $25 so customers are able to enjoy their favorite poker games. This promotional offer includes eight free tickets for poker tournaments.

The promotional offered dubbed Weekend Warriors are offered up to $100 rewards by earning bonus points during the weekends. One example of earning bonus points is through slot machines. Every dollar wagered earns 10 bonus points. Different rules are applied to different games. This promotional offer is available once per week per account.

Humpdays just got a whole lot better. Betfair offers to pay a $50 bonus to anyone who wagers $100 or more on select games. This bonus is paid out whether one wins, loses, or draws. This is surely one way to enjoy Wednesdays a whole lot more. So sit back, smile, play and know you have a bonus to cheer you up no matter what the outcomes are.

TGIF is always said with enthusiasm. Now it will offer even more excitement for the slot machine enthusiasts. Betfair offers to cover $20 of losses on Fridays. Who would have thought that Fridays could be improved?

All account holders are eligible for loyalty points. This is just one more way for betfair to show customers their appreciation. For every $1 wagered on roulette and other odd fixed games account holders earn 10 loyalty points. For every $1 wagered on slot games customers earn 100 loyalty points. At the end of each week a cash back award automatically funded into accounts based on the amount of games played and by meeting the $5 minimum.

Betfair offers excellent customer service. They are available to be reached at by phone, live online chat and email. Betfair is available by phone 5 p.m. – 2 a.m. EST. Online chat is available from 9 a.m. – 2 a.m. eastern. Customer service is available 24/7 via email.